Horror escape rooms

Do you have nerves of steel and do you dare?

Do you dare our most exciting escape rooms?

Are you in control of your fears and can you stay calm under psychological tricks? Then the horror escape room is for you. The experience is completely different, but the goal remains the same: escape within the set time limit.

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Horror escape room

In our rapidly evolving world, things evolve and change every day, and the escape rooms at Live Escape are no exception. Our rooms are constantly changing and thanks to complex puzzles, new scenarios and features, we can take you into a horror escape room that will make your hair stand on end. The classic prison escape and bank robberies are nothing compared to this horror room. At Live Escape, we continue to surprise you with unique plots beyond your wildest expectations. The growing popularity of escape rooms has led to new genres. One of the most popular themes right now is escape room horror. Do you dare?


What awaits you in our horror escape room?

Do you manage to control your fear and have the ability to think clearly in difficult situations? Then the horror escape room at Live Escape is made for you. In our horror escape rooms we push the limits and the biggest challenge is to stay calm and quiet to solve the puzzles.

When you are scared, it is much harder to concentrate and perform at your best. The lighting is our horror escape rooms is on the dark side, and given the general restlessness, some mathematicians can't even handle the pressure to solve the riddles. So the trick is to stay calm to solve our horror room and keep your emotions under control.

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While doing so, note the hidden clues in the room

In our escape room horror, it's hard to focus on what's important: the right clues. In our dark rooms, except for a few well-lit spots, it's up to you to find the focus. Once you control your fears, you will be able to find the clues.

Only that is not as easy as it sounds. You are taken into the story and what awaits you inside you will never expect. Even if you know it can't be real, it will scare you! Adrenaline flows through your body and it is up to you to lead your team to the exit without panicking. The psychological tricks in our escape rooms make it difficult to distinguish what is important to escape and what is an afterthought.

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Test your perseverance and try to keep yourself calm despite the many scare tactics that await you. Think jumpscares, flickering lights, horrible sound effects and images you'd rather not see. There is a good chance your team will have to be split up to solve the puzzle. Will you manage to solve the puzzle without the support of your team?



These groups took up the challenge and managed to escape! Can you do it too?


Why a Horror escape room at Live Escape?

We have a passion for creating immersive escape rooms that are unique, interactive, exciting and challenging. With our eye for detail, we are always looking to improve our game! Providing the best experience to our guests is our highest value and this is where we put a lot of creative energy and time. This is why our horror escape room is the scariest escape room in the Netherlands!

If you are looking for a fun challenge and are not afraid of a little horror? Then you have come to the right place at Live Escape . Together with your family, friends or colleagues, it's up to you to escape from our horror escape room. Can you and your team stay calm under tremendous pressure? Then sign up immediately for our horror escape room.


Best escape room in Rotterdam Well solved puzzles Good jumpscares
Wessel van Lit
Wessel van Lit
Enthusiastic staff, fun, challenging rooms with interesting storytelling, and a prime location!
Raymond Stout
Raymond Stout
Great escaperoom escapes just 4 seconds over
Melsa Dede
Melsa Dede
Supper fun
Martha van Ooijen
Martha van Ooijen
Did the boiler room with our group of friends, was great fun! Reception was welcoming and the explanation evoked just the touch of excitement that goes with it 😉
Amy Van der linden
Amy Van der linden
Was really a fun experience to do even with three people. Also a little exciting.
Adil El Haji
Adil El Haji
Great evening had, with Levi being a great host!
Chris Dijkstra
Chris Dijkstra
Cool to do a x, was the first x

What if you can't escape in time?

To get out of our horror escape room, it is important to find the clues and parts of puzzles that we have hidden in the room. Will you manage to solve these puzzles under psychological pressure? Then you can escape in time and get back to everyday life.

Don't you manage to escape before the timer runs out? Then we can't tell you what will happen. Those who didn't get out in time we never encountered again. Completely disappeared from the world.


Not all horror, but always a sensual ambiance, sensational effects, phenomenal interaction; our escape rooms are "next level" and require everything from you to solve the puzzles within the context of the theme. So you think you're up for it? Guess again...

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An escape room is an incredibly fun and challenging way to test your problem-solving skills and collaborate with friends, family or colleagues. But what if you could take the thrill and excitement to the next level? You can with a horror escape room! It's the ultimate adrenaline rush for both young and old.

The challenging gameplay and puzzles are still there, but with the added excitement of a terrifying story and scary elements, such as zombies and monsters, it becomes even more intense. Do you dare to lead your team through this scary room and find the way out?

Escape room horror is a unique experience you won't soon forget!

It can be exciting and even scary, but not too scary. This makes the game suitable for young and old. At Escape room Amersfoort we have several Horror Escape Rooms in which you imagine yourself in a scary movie. The rooms are decorated down to the smallest details to put you in the mood of the horror theme.

Expect blood-curdling scenes, scary sounds, and creepy effects. But also puzzles and riddles you have to solve to escape from the room. It's a great way to get adrenaline flowing and work together as a team to escape from the room. Do you dare? Then book an escape room horror at LIVE Escape now!

Escape room horror: do you dare?

Did you know that escape rooms can improve your communication, project management and problem-solving skills? They are often used to improve team dynamics and team spirit. The skills you learn in a LIVE Escape escape room can be applied in the real world.

There are different types of escape rooms in Amersfoort and Rotterdam, including the horror escape room. Do you dare to get trapped with zombies and other monsters looking for their next prey? Don't worry, although it's scary, it's not too scary. It's still all about solving puzzles and using your problem-solving skills, just like traditional escape rooms.

What can you expect at an escape room horror?

In an escape room horror you will find pure fun and excitement! But to escape, you have to be mentally strong and ignore the scary sounds, as well as the monstrous figures chasing you. This extra element of fear, suspense and horror makes it a unique experience.

Want to get the most out of your escape room horror experience? Then prepare for what's to come by following our essential steps before, during and after the activity. Remember, by the way, a horror escape room is suitable for young and old alike!

What makes an escape room horror the best escape room?

There are many challenging escape rooms available all over the world to attract people and make them enjoy life and have fun. But you will make a good choice anyway when you choose this amazing and exciting escape room horror that will drive you crazy and give you no time to think as you engage your team members in terrifying games.


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