Visit the mortuary of Mr. Louis Ever. Mr. Ever once started out as a blood marshal in another mortuary and has some secrets ...

Visit the mortuary of Mr. Louis Ever. Mr. Ever worked briefly as a blood raper in another mortuary. Blood raper is considered the most unsavory job in the world, but hey, someone has to do it! During this period, Louis found out that there was good money to be made in the mortuary business. Not so much as a blood raper, but more through the illegal trade in organs... To grow his business, he started his own mortuary in Amersfoort. Without knowledge of the business, this can only mean one thing; major chaos. Will your team manage to recover the stolen organs before Mr. Ever returns...?

Difficulty rate
Number of players

3-8 persons


60 Minutes

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Number of persons
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3 persons €36 €38
4 persons €32 €34
5 persons €26 €28
6 persons €22 €24
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These groups took up the challenge and managed to escape! Can you do it too?



Below you will find more information about this bloodcurdling escape room in Amersfoort. Contact us if you have more questions

Will I really be locked up in Mr Ever's mortuary?

Absolutely! And you better make sure you solve the puzzles within 60 minutes, because Louis Ever is on his way back to your location after a detour, and he won't be happy when he finds out you've discovered his little secrets....

No matter how exciting and horribly realistic the experience is, of course it is and remains a game. The Live Escape Amersfoort team will keep an eye on you by the minute and there is also a panic button in the room which turns on the lights and opens the doors.

How exciting is this escape room exactly?

That is a relative question, as the answer depends on how much excitement you can tolerate. We do want to say that this is one of the most exciting escape rooms in Amersfoort and surroundings. Your heart will definitely beat a few times faster ...

How do I book Theft at the Morgue in Amersfoort?
Where exactly is this escape room in Amersfoort?

Live Escape Amersfoort is located on Groningerstraat 176 in Amersfoort. We are easy to reach by public transport and by car.

What does it cost to play this escape room?

This is possible from 20,00 Euro per hour. Our prices depend on the day and time you and your friends want to play our escape rooms. The quickest way to find out the price is to click on "reservation" to see directly what this escape room costs.

With how many people can I play this escape room?

You can play Escape at the Morgue with 3-8 players at a time. Do you want to come with a larger group? No problem at all. We have no less than 3 escape rooms in Amersfoort. So even for larger groups we have an amazingly fun day out on offer.

Can I play this room in English too?

All our other rooms can be played in both Dutch and English. This means that both the voice-overs and any documents necessary for the storyline are in English but also the hints are given in English.

Is there a minimum age?

We have an advised age of 16. This is not a hard rule, we have noticed that children of 12 sometimes love it while others find it a bit too exciting.

Does your child like exciting films? Then you can be sure that he/she will also find our escape rooms exciting and fun.

The other way round is also true! Please do not underestimate this!


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