Try something different! At Live Escape you can organize a great company outing in Amersfoort. Book an exciting escape room and combine with a delicious package.


Bring out the best in your colleagues with Live Escape Amersfoort's company outings and get to know them from a completely different angle!

Corporate events



View an overview of the most frequently asked questions. For further questions you can always contact us

What does the most fun corporate party in Amersfoort cost?

That is almost entirely up to you! You can already book an escape room at Live Escape Amersfoort from 18 Euro (incl VAT). If desired you can supplement this with our fun packages. Ideal if you have to organize a team outing within a certain budget.

What makes this such a fun corporate party?

It's something completely new for a start! Escape Rooms are totally in right now and we assure you; Live Escape Amersfoort has the best and most exciting escape rooms in the market. Do you think you and your colleagues can escape? You will have to work really well together. Fun and useful!

At the same time, our location in Amersfoort is also perfectly equipped for a fun corporate party. Of course there are the escape rooms, but there is also a cozy room with a bar where you and your colleagues can stay before and after the escape room. For a drink, for example, but in cooperation with a restaurant within walking distance also for complete dinners.

Is Live Escape Amersfoort easily accessible?

Well and truly! The O.V. stops almost right in front of the door at our location in Amersfoort. Also by car we are more than easily accessible, we are located in Shopping Center Oppidium and that includes a very large parking garage. We share the entrance with JumpXL.

Isn't this too scary for a corporate party?

No! Trust us; our escape rooms will definitely make your heart beat a little faster from time to time, but underneath it all is fun and games of course.

And should one of your colleagues still find it too scary, he or she can always press the stop button. The lights go on right away, the game stops and the doors open automatically. The company party has to remain fun for everyone, of course!

Can Live Escape help organize the corporate party?

Yes indeed! With pleasure even. Get in touch with us. Our enthusiastic team is ready for you to organize an unforgettable company party that perfectly matches the wishes the budget.

Can we eat first and then play the escape room?

It could possibly be done but we advise against it. The escape rooms start at set times and having dinner out with colleagues where you have to constantly watch the clock is really a turn-off.

Therefore, we always recommend visiting the escape rooms first and then walking to the restaurant.

Are the rooms also playable in English?

All our rooms can be played in both Dutch and English. This means that the voice-overs and any documents required for the storyline are in English, but also that the hints are given in English.


Gina Paol
Gina Paol
Great service and super fun and exciting
Lucero Puello
Lucero Puello
Very fun activity to do with your friends !
Hajara Mbareck
Hajara Mbareck
It was a very good experience. A really good activity to do with your family or friends!
Saskia Hulsbergen
Saskia Hulsbergen
The escape room is super fun. We had to puzzle a lot and had fun. Unfortunately, we just didn't make it through. But it was well worth it. Definitely recommended and once to do.
Chichi Point
Chichi Point
We were welcomed super friendly, explanation was short and to the point, you are then escorted to your room and given another short explanation with exciting story before entering. Quest was not too complicated and you were occasionally given a hint when the quest appeared a bit slow 😅 exciting and fun themed story, we would love to come back and will definitely recommend it to area, top!!!
Pat Groothedde
Pat Groothedde
What a cool and exciting escaperoom is The Safe House! Top experience, also due to the good reception.


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