The Museum Heist

Can you steal the skull of the legendary Nalafari tribe from the Museum of History and Arts without getting caught?

You are on a "visit" to the "Amersfoort Museum of History," where this month is the Africa exhibit. The centerpiece of this exhibit is an ornately decorated skull. This skull belonged to the former chief of the legendary Nalafari tribe, but was forcibly taken from this tribe by a group of violent archaeologists. You have been enlisted by an ambassador of the tribe to steal this skull and return it to its rightful owners. That seems simple, you would think ...

Warning: the museum consists of the East-Wing and the West-Wing. Up to 4 people, one wing is enough for your mission, from 5 you both get the wings and play it against each other.


Difficulty rate
Number of players

2-8 Persons


60 Minutes

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Number of persons
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5 persons €26 €28
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These groups took up the challenge and managed to escape! Can you do it too?



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How many people can I play The Museum Heist with?

You can play this escape room as early as 2 people. The Museum of History and Arts is built twice and therefore two teams can simultaneously attempt to reset the skull of the Nalafari tribe.
If you are 2 / 4 people you automatically get either the West or East wing to take on the mission, with more than 4 people the group is split up and you get both the West and East wings.
Both wings in the museum are identical.

Where in Amersfoort can I play this escape room?

Live Escape Amersfoort is located on Groningerstraat 176 in Amersfoort. We are easy to reach by public transport and by car.

Can we have a drink and a meal at Live Escape Amersfoort?

Sure! You can come whenever you want. We have a cosy waiting room where you can enjoy a snack and a drink. We also offer complete packages that you should definitely have a look at.

Is The Museum Heist also playable in English?

All our rooms can be played in both Dutch and English. This means that the voice-overs and any documents required for the storyline are in English, but also that the hints are given in English.

Is there a minimum age?

We use a recommended age of 12+ years. This is not a hard rule, we have found that children of 12 sometimes love it while others find it a bit too exciting.

Does your child like exciting films? Then you can be sure that he/she will also find our escape rooms exciting and fun.

The other way round is also true! Please do not underestimate this!


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