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Team outing Amersfoort wanted? Come to Live Escape in Amersfoort!

Team outing Amersfoort wanted? Come to Live Escape in Amersfoort!

Team building is more important than ever before because of busy schedules and hectic work routines. And even if we get some free time, it is important to make good use of this time in the form of a team outing Amersfoort. Give yourself a break from your usual routine and find a healthy activity that can provide a better team spirit!

Live Escape offers team outings in Amersfoort in the form of escape rooms. In just 60 minutes during an Amersfoort team outing from Live Escape you will face difficult challenges that must be solved by the team. In the escape rooms you will find puzzle games and all kinds of other exciting challenges in different themes. Besides the fact that a visit to an escape room helps with team building, it is above all a fun and exciting outing. Are you already looking forward to it?

An Amersfoort team outing can be found at Live Escape!

Visit one of Live Escape's escape rooms if you're looking for a fantastic team outing you won't soon forget. The escape rooms allow 8 people to play at the same time. Visiting an escape room is an exciting activity where working together with your friends and colleagues is key. Live Escape is open 7 days a week and you can book online the time and date you would like your team outing in Amersfoort to take place. Live Escape offers different themes which are all suitable if you are looking for a team outing in Amersfoort!

LIVE Escape offers the most fun team outing Amersfoort!

The Wizard School is your best choice if you are looking for a team outing in Amersfoort and are a fan of Harry Potter. The level of the room is adjustable, making it suitable for both children and adults who love fiction.

Assemble a team and go for a day full of fun during this team outing in Amersfoort. It's your moment to experience Hogwarts! You and your team will have 60 minutes to escape using different puzzles and riddles that will help you get to know your team better.



These groups took up the challenge and managed to escape! Can you do it too?


Theft at the Morgue as a team outing in Amersfoort

Theft at the Morgue is another interesting escape room in which you have to recover high-value objects stolen from the morgue. The team must divide its players and search for clues in the morgue to recover the lost objects.

You have to solve puzzles and figure out riddles with by working well with your team. Do you want to plan a team outing in Amersfoort? Live Escape undoubtedly offers you a fun afternoon or evening!


Excitement during an Amersfoort team outing

Cabin 666 is another escape room set in the forests of Austria for hikers and campers. In recent months, more and more people have been disappearing from their cabin after a little girl mysteriously disappeared at the age of 12 and was never seen again.

You must solve the riddle of missing persons within 60 minutes, or you will face serious consequences!

Gather your friends or colleagues and book a team outing in Amersfoort

A visit to Live Escape is extremely suitable as a team outing Amersfoort and even as a bachelor party. The escape rooms are suitable for both children and adults because the difficulty level is adjustable.

Because it combines excitement and lots of fun, an escape room is a fantastic option for an Amersfoort team outing. You will get to know each other much better: for an hour, you and your colleagues will be locked in an escape room with only 60 minutes to escape. Working together is a must! Feel free to contact us with any questions, Live Escape's team is here to help!


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