Escape room for kids in Amersfoort

Escape room for children

Live out your imagination in an escape room for kids and imagine yourself in another world.

What is an Escape room for kids?

An escaperoom for kids, escape game or escape kit is a series of puzzles, clues and secret messages that are somewhat like a board game without the board. As a team, you work together to solve a riddle and escape the escape room. Generally, an escape room mission has a theme, a time frame and usually a time limit. The series of clues leads to a "way out" to escape from the game.

Live Escape

Escape room for children

Escape rooms for a children's party are a very popular one right now. Depending on the age of your children, it can be difficult to find one that suits them well. At Live Escape, we have created an escape room adventure specifically for kids and families. Your group will have to navigate through a series of challenges and interactive puzzles to get through the rooms and escape. An escape room kids party is a great way for a day out with the kids or for a children's party.

The Escape rooms for kids at Live Escape are designed to provide a safe, challenging and an incredibly fun experience for groups of kids and families, but be warned that it won't be easy.


Escape room children's party

The Escape room for kids at Live Escape is perfect for a children's party. Just give us a call and we will take care of the rest. All parties come with a great time, decorations and optional delicious snacks and drinks. You deserve those after a spirited Escape room!

Escaperoom for kids: the game

Once trapped in the escape room, you must work together to explore the room, find clues, solve puzzles and participate in challenges that allow you to progress, step by step, in the game. This is crucial to escape before the end of the countdown!



These groups took up the challenge and managed to escape! Can you do it too?


What makes our Escape rooms so kid-friendly?

Not only can kids play, but 60-minute experiences designed for them!

More easy puzzles with an escape experience, for a shorter attention span! Our kids' experiences are easier and faster tasks, and are made to captivate and take kids 10+ into an enchanting world.

Age-appropriate puzzles. The puzzles in our 60-minute experiences are neither too difficult nor too easy. They are perfect for kids!

Family-friendly themes. None of our rooms for kids are scary or have adult content you wouldn't want your child near. With us, it's all about laughter instead of fear!


Best escape room in Rotterdam Well solved puzzles Good jumpscares
Wessel van Lit
Wessel van Lit
Enthusiastic staff, fun, challenging rooms with interesting storytelling, and a prime location!
Raymond Stout
Raymond Stout
Great escaperoom escapes just 4 seconds over
Melsa Dede
Melsa Dede
Supper fun
Martha van Ooijen
Martha van Ooijen
Did the boiler room with our group of friends, was great fun! Reception was welcoming and the explanation evoked just the touch of excitement that goes with it 😉
Amy Van der linden
Amy Van der linden
Was really a fun experience to do even with three people. Also a little exciting.
Adil El Haji
Adil El Haji
Great evening had, with Levi being a great host!
Chris Dijkstra
Chris Dijkstra
Cool to do a x, was the first x

Why do an Escape room?

Escape rooms offer a lot of benefits. A few reasons why you might want to participate in escape rooms for kids with us are:

Escape rooms are fun
Escape rooms are just plain fun, they provide lots of fun and are an excellent way to spend your free time with friends and perfect for children's parties. When participating in
escape rooms, you are forced to solve riddles and think creatively. This so you can feel a sense of accomplishment in addition to having a good time. Book your escape room today!

Live out your fantasy in an escape room for kids
In an escape room for kids, you will be enchanted into a totally different world. You can be a detective or a spy saving the world, or a whole range of different roles in the different themed rooms. Most escape rooms have some kind of story behind them, an adventure you can discover as you escape. That's what makes the Escape rooms at Live Escape so immensely fun!

Get away from the world in an escape room
Being away from the world to solve the escape room experience is priceless. Being able to just be somewhere else for an hour of your day can help take some stress away from your normal day.

What if you can't escape?
To get out of the escape room, you have to find the clues and puzzle parts hidden in the room. These puzzles will help you open locks and solve problems during the game.

If you fail to escape before the timer runs out, you will be escorted out of the room and a staff member will reveal the clues you missed and explain how to win the game. But not if you want to try again, they won't tell you anything!

Questions about our escape room experience? If so, feel free to contact us!


Not all suitable for children, but always a tantalizing ambiance, sensational effects, phenomenal interaction; our escape rooms are "next level" and demand everything from you to solve the puzzles within the context of the theme. So you think you're up for it? Guess again...

The celebration of making it out of the escape room

Whether you reached the goal, or the alarm went off just before you reached it, the escape room always ends with a debriefing between the players and the Game Master. Then it's time for a nice snack, drink or perhaps a piece of birthday cake?

Organize a children's party with us

Children can enjoy the escape room for kids on different occasions, such as children's parties, after tests, New Year's parties and more. Children can choose their theme based on their interest, and we can give them our best ideas. Schools and other institutions can also reserve escape room for children's birthday parties and celebrations of children's events.

Can children play escape rooms? Absolutely!

Since most escape rooms are suitable for people 10 and older, teens and older children love them. Moreover, many escape rooms for kids are designed specifically with younger children in mind. There are no surprises, scare effects, blood or violence in these escape rooms for kids, and the games and puzzles are simpler. Some are even suitable for children as young as five years old. Have fun in our escaperoom for kids!

Unforgettable experience for your children at their children's party

In our escaperoom for kids, we offer an experience your child will never, ever forget. With their friends, they can explore and learn. Kids are great at having fun! Often they are much better at it than adults. Participating in an escape room is a great way to break up the family routine and add some much needed fun.

Get ready to offer your kids a unique experience in Amersfoort or Rotterdam! LIVE Escape has extensive experience with different group dynamics and would love to work with you to design the most exciting family activities you can imagine!

LIVE Escape makes sure everything is set up

We explain the rules and provide any clues in the children's escaperoom. The classic scenario is to escape within the time limit: 45 minutes or an hour for children is usually enough time to involve them in solving all the challenges required to open the door and leave. However, some escape rooms have additional objectives, such as solving a crime, rescuing a hostage, discovering a treasure or avoiding a fictional danger.

What should you think about when organizing a children's party in an escape room?

Your kids will thrive in kid-friendly escape rooms if they like adventures, puzzles and challenges. Verify the safety of each activity and the clarity of all guidelines and rules before sending them out. To strike a balance between cooperation and competition, you can also set some rules of conduct for the game!

It is crucial to know that children can have fun and enjoy themselves while exploring the area with their friends, decoding clues and discovering treasures, creating great memories from the experience. Hosting an escape room party is not only for children, but also for adults who want to unleash their inner child and enjoy a fun and exciting experience with their friends or family.

Nothing beats a kids' party in a kids' escaperoom!

An escaperoom for children is a unique, exciting and challenging experience that will captivate and entertain children of all ages. Whether they are solving a crime or discovering treasure, they will feel like heroes as they work together to achieve their goal. It's a perfect way to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion! Questions? If so, feel free to contact us without obligation!


Contact Amersfoort or Rotterdam directly, we are happy to help!

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