ROOM 1409

In recent years, rumours about room 1409 of the Skyhotel in Rotterdam have been increasing. Is it really haunted? Or is something else going on here...?

In the last few years, there has been increasing talk about room 1409 of the Skyhotel in Rotterdam. One group of people thinks it is haunted. Yet another group of people thinks that the spreading of these stories is a cheap publicity stunt of the hotel. In any case, it seems that most guests who spend the night in this room never check out the next morning...Curious and want to know what is true about the rumours? Then book Room 1409! Will you ever check out again? This room can also be played in English. NB: This room is 'difficult' and therefore not recommended for inexperienced players!

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60 Minutes

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Will I really be locked up in Room 1409?

Well, not by Live Escape anyway! Theoretically you can stop the game at any time using the safety buttons we've built in and leave this bizarre hotel room, but we don't dare give any hard guarantees. There is something very 'strange' about this hotel room... "You can check in, but you can never check out", is the well-known rumour in Rotterdam about this apparently very normal hotel room.

Reserve it, we say. If you dare...

Where exactly is Room 1409 in Rotterdam?

You can find this very cool escape room right in the center of Rotterdam at the Westblaak 13. Perfectly accessible by public transport (stops right in front of the door) and our location is also easily accessible by car. At about 300 meters distance you can park your car safely in the garage.

Is it possible to have a bite to eat afterwards?

Certainly! We have a very cosy waiting room which is furnished with a bar. We serve various tasty snacks. Prefer something more elaborate? Then take a look at our packages. We have a partnership with several very nice restaurants just around the corner in the centre of Rotterdam! You can walk to these restaurants in 5 minutes from our location.

Is Room 1409 also playable in English?

All our rooms can be played in both Dutch and English. This means that the voice-overs and any documents required for the storyline are in English, but also that the hints are given in English.

Is there a minimum age?

We have an advised age of 16. This is not a hard rule, we have noticed that children of 12 sometimes love it while others find it a bit too exciting.

Does your child like exciting films? Then you can be sure that he/she will also find our escape rooms exciting and fun.

The other way round is also true! Please do not underestimate this!


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