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A company outing in Rotterdam to experience an unforgettable adventure

Company outing Rotterdam wanted? An escape room is the solution!

Live Escape's escape rooms are perfect for a Rotterdam corporate event. Our escape rooms are designed for team players, making them ideal for a company outing. The only real way to escape and succeed is to use strategies that get your team to work together in the smartest, most efficient way possible.

Escape rooms can be tricky and challenging if you are not aware of the best practices to successfully escape. Fortunately, in an escape room you are never alone: work together, communicate during the company outing Rotterdam and before you know it you will have the solution. Or not...

These escape rooms we recommend for your company outing

A day never to be forgotten

Rotterdam company outing - choose an escape room at Live Escape!

An increasingly common option for team building and corporate outings are escape rooms. Together, employees can experience the benefits of feeling good about themselves and more connected to their teammates, which then boosts self-confidence and a sense of unity.

It is easy to get in the zone and forget that you have a whole team that is there to help you. Two people will get further than one, of course, so use your team! When you find a clue, be sure to share it with the rest of your group. They may have other puzzle pieces connected to your clue. If it seems like you're stuck, be sure to ask for help! Want to know more? Then also read our frequently asked questions.



These groups took up the challenge and managed to escape! Can you do it too?


60 minutes to solve the puzzle!

You only have 60 minutes in an escape room, so using your resources effectively is extra important. What are your most precious resources in an escape room? Exactly, your teammates. Be sure to keep this tip in mind when you adventure with your corporate escape in Rotterdam at Live Escape.

Divide your team and work in a group. This way, everyone knows what to do. This way the chances of completing the task before the time increases significantly. The location of our escape rooms in Rotterdam is in the center of the city, this means you can easily get there.

In an escape room, anything is possible. Hidden doors, safes, and other clues are deceptively hidden in every escape room. This means it is especially important to take a good look at your surroundings. Look around carefully and you would be surprised at what you find.


Rotterdam company outing? Come to Live Escape!

Team building is obviously about bringing people together, so our rooms are made to make that process easier. There are several riddles that we at Live Escape have devised that must be solved together. Even though team members work on different tasks, they all work toward the same goal, because the ultimate goal of escaping from the room requires cooperation. By the way, did you know that you can also easily book a company outing Amersfoort through our website?

Beforehand, the game leader will go over the rules with your team and answer any questions before it actually begins. The collective intelligence of the team is the only hope to escape. That's what makes playing escape room Rotterdam so much fun. When a team completes a room, it's a shared success for everyone!


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