Only together will you succeed in solving our escape rooms, which is why it is ideal as a team outing.

An escaperoom from Live Escape as a team outing Rotterdam

If you are looking for a team event in Rotterdam, Live Escape is the right place to be! You will find the best team outings here! There are many possible team outings in Rotterdam, but they cannot compete with an escape room from Live Escape. For a Rotterdam team outing an escape room is a great choice because it is a mix of excitement and a lot of fun. In that respect, it is definitely unique experience. You get to know each other in a whole new way in an escape room. You and your colleagues are locked in an escape room and have 60 minutes to get out.

Team outing Rotterdam - which activity is fun?

Our escape rooms for your getaway.

Rotterdam Team Outing: The Safe House

Take your friends and colleagues to The Safe House, where you can learn about the dangers one may face in a safe house as a witness to events in the underworld. This space is designed for people interested in secret services and the threats involved.

The team outing in Rotterdam called The Safe House offers an exciting way for people to work together toward a common goal, and is perfect for team building and a fun afternoon or evening!



These groups took up the challenge and managed to escape! Can you do it too?

Team outing Rotterdam: The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room is a thriller and suspense escape room in which you solve the mystery of a missing girl from the building. You can only find clues by entering the room. Teams must work together to find clues, solve real-life puzzles and complete the escape room in 60 minutes.

Visiting an escape room builds your confidence and a real team spirit. What's more, it's great fun to work with your team in this way. LIVE Escape offers this at the Rotterdam location for a blood-curdling and puzzling team outing. If you like, you can combine the visit to an escape room with all kinds of customized packages.


Room 1409 in Rotterdam

Another escape room you can choose in Rotterdam for your team outing is Room 1409. It is a mystery of a creepy hotel room where guests went missing the next morning of their stay. To solve this mystery, the team must work together to find clues needed to escape within 60 minutes. The Room 1409 escape room is all about suspense and drama and is ideally suited if you are looking for a team outing in Rotterdam.

Form a team and book this downtown adventure activity for an outstanding Rotterdam team outing. It is very suitable for colleagues but of course you can also visit escape rooms with friends or sports teams. For companies, visiting an escape room as a team outing in Rotterdam is an experience that will lead to better cooperation. Anyway, you get to know each other better which creates a healthy environment in the workplace.

A visit to Lab 13 as a team outing in Rotterdam

Those interested in science and the secrets of an enigmatic laboratory should visit Lab 13. It is a Russian lab where secret experiments were done in the 1950s, and it is up to you to explore this lab to find out if those experiments are still taking place. If you are looking for a team outing Rotterdam full of excitement and secrets then Lab 13 is perfect. Divide the tasks carefully within your team and make sure you are back outside the door within 60 minutes. Book a Rotterdam team outing at Live Escape!


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