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If you're looking for a unique corporate event in Rotterdam, you should definitely consider Live Escape's thrilling escape rooms! On this page you can read all about the possibilities for your unforgettable corporate event in Rotterdam.

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Where exactly is Live Escape located in Rotterdam?

In the middle of the bustling city centre! At Westblaak 13 to be precise. Ideal if you want to organise a company outing in Rotterdam. The public transport stops right outside the door and your colleagues who prefer to come by car can park independently in a secure car park about 300 metres away.

Organising a company party in Rotterdam with Live Escape is not only totally unforgettable, it's also incredibly practical for all your colleagues!

What makes this the best company outing in Rotterdam?

The great thing about an escape room as a company outing in Rotterdam is that it combines excitement with great fun. It is really something different! You get to know each other in a totally different way. Your colleagues will be locked up together for an hour in escape rooms with an amazing decoration and have 60 minutes to escape. Believe us; you won't succeed if you don't work together and during those 60 minutes we'll also increase the tension for you...

Because your company outing takes place in the centre of Rotterdam, you and your colleagues have all the flexibility and freedom to do what you like after the escape room. Of course you can linger in the cosy bar of Live Escape or make use of a package at a restaurant in the neighbourhood. The centre of Rotterdam offers all the possibilities you could want for the best company party.

How much does the best company outing in Rotterdam cost?

You can organise the best corporate event in Rotterdam for as little as €18.00 per person with Live Escape. If you try really hard, for example with our luxury dinner packages and other special requests, you can increase this to around 100.00 euros per person.

Why not start by taking a look at our six packages in Rotterdam? This will give you a good idea of the possibilities and costs.

Can Live Escape help me organise my company event?

Sure! Leave it to us. We will be happy to think up an amazing company outing in Rotterdam for you.

Isn't this too scary or exciting for a company outing?

We certainly advise you to ask your colleagues in advance if they are sensitive to tension, because believe us: our escape rooms will make your heart beat a little faster at certain times.

It is good to mention that it is of course all a game and that we have taken various safety measures. You can stop the game with a single push on the button, whereupon the doors of the escape room will open.

An exciting company outing, then? Absolutely. Too exciting? No, it is not!

Between what times can I organise this company outing?

We are open from Monday to Sunday from 09.30 to 23.45 in the evening. Enough flexibility to organise your company outing!

How far in advance do we need to be?

We would like you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the booked hour so that you can spend the full hour in the room. Please note that 'late arrivals' will be deducted from your own time!

You can certainly come earlier! In our waiting room with cosy bar, you can already enjoy a welcome drink and a snack.

How do I book the best day out in Rotterdam?

You can do this online via the reservation module, via the contact forms on our website or by telephone on 085-13 07 411.

Are the rooms also playable in English?

All our rooms can be played in both Dutch and English. This means that the voice-overs and any documents required for the storyline are in English, but also that the hints are given in English.


Gina Paol
Gina Paol
Great service and super fun and exciting
Lucero Puello
Lucero Puello
Very fun activity to do with your friends !
Hajara Mbareck
Hajara Mbareck
It was a very good experience. A really good activity to do with your family or friends!
Saskia Hulsbergen
Saskia Hulsbergen
The escape room is super fun. We had to puzzle a lot and had fun. Unfortunately, we just didn't make it through. But it was well worth it. Definitely recommended and once to do.
Chichi Point
Chichi Point
We were welcomed super friendly, explanation was short and to the point, you are then escorted to your room and given another short explanation with exciting story before entering. Quest was not too complicated and you were occasionally given a hint when the quest appeared a bit slow 😅 exciting and fun themed story, we would love to come back and will definitely recommend it to area, top!!!
Pat Groothedde
Pat Groothedde
What a cool and exciting escaperoom is The Safe House! Top experience, also due to the good reception.


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