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Number of persons
Monday - Thursday
Friday - Sunday & holidays
3 persons €42 €44
4 persons €33 €35
5 persons €27 €29
6 persons €23 €25
7 persons €21 €23
8 persons €20 €22


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Will I really be locked up in an escape room?

You betcha! That's the whole idea of an escape room. You are locked up and the only way to escape is by solving puzzles and riddles in 60 minutes, while we provide adrenaline kicks. Of course we guarantee that you will always be safe in our escape rooms.

Throughout the hour, you will be watched from minute to minute by our staff, and if for any reason you should want to stop, they can literally press a button to make sure all the doors open and all the lights come on.

How many escape rooms does Live Escape have?

Intussen zijn het er alweer 8! Op onze vestiging in Rotterdam kun je 4 escape rooms spelen en op onze vestiging in Amersfoort hebben we ook 4 escape rooms in de aanbieding. Iedere escape room heeft zijn geheel eigen thema, karakter en mysteriën.

What does it cost to play an escape room?

You can play an escape room at Live Escape from 18 euros per person. Our prices are based on the day and time. Weekdays or mornings are cheaper than weekends. Want to know exactly what it will cost you? Check out the booking tool! You can book right away when you're ready.

With how many people can we play an escape room?

Onze escape rooms zijn geschikt voor 3-8 personen. In totaal hebben we 8 escape rooms, verdeeld over de vestigingen Rotterdam (4) en Amersfoort (4).

Please note that 'being late' is deducted from your own time!

How can I cancel an escape room?

We can change or cancel your escape room booking without any problems, as long as you do so at least 7 days in advance. Would you like to cancel less than 7 days in advance? Then we kindly request you to call us at 085-13 07 411.

The following conditions apply
The cancellation costs are € 70,= per game, moving the game date to another time within 4 weeks is possible for € 25,=.

In case of "no-show" without prior consultation and written response, the full amount will always be charged!

The number of players can be changed up to the last minute as long as the minimum and maximum numbers per game are met. Exceptions to this are arrangements and bookings made in advance.

Can we eat and drink before or after the escape room?

Sure! At our location in Rotterdam and Amersfoort we have cosy waiting rooms with a bar where you can have a drink or eat something. By the way, did you know we also offer packages? Navigate to the location of your choice(Rotterdam or Amersfoort) and check out the possibilities per location.

Are escape rooms a fun company event?

Do the math! Perhaps the best company outing you have ever experienced, if we do say so ourselves. Escape rooms are exciting, you get to know your colleagues in a completely different way, the atmosphere in your company outing is there from the first minute and at the same time you have to work together with your colleagues to escape in 60 minutes...

By the way, did you know that we also offer packages for company outings?

See the options in Rotterdam
See the options in Amersfoort

Are escape rooms scary?

Our escape rooms will give you a serious adrenaline rush (if not: scare you every now and then), but they are not really that scary. Above all, it has to be fun, for young and old. It is a game!

And although you are really locked up in our escape rooms, our staff will keep an eye on you every minute of the hour. That may be a comforting thought. Moreover, every escape room is equipped with a stop button. As soon as you press it, the game stops immediately, the lights go on and the doors open.

Where are Live Escape's escape rooms located?

We currently have a branch in Rotterdam and a branch in Amersfoort. Each branch has its own one hundred percent unique escape rooms.

Company party Rotterdam


Do you know how to crack the puzzles and escape from escape room Rotterdam within 60 minutes?

Our four escape rooms in Rotterdam are based on different themes and guarantee an experience you won't easily forget!



Combine an escape room experience with dinner or a high tea and make your fun day out complete!



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