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What is an Escape room for kids?

In an escape room for kids, kids find clues and secret messages that they must solve as a team to figure out the riddle and escape from the escape room. Below you can see which escape rooms in Amersfoort are most suitable for children.

Live Escape

Hosting a children's party in Amersfoort? One of the best choices is LIVE Escape

Our escape room for kids is ideal! The interactive game in our escape rooms involves being locked in a room with a group of friends and having to work together to solve puzzles to escape. It is perfect for kids who like to be challenged and test their problem-solving skills.

Looking for an escape room in Amersfoort or near Amersfoort? We have a large selection of escape rooms at Live Escape, suitable for young and old!


Escape room to give an unforgettable children's party in Amersfoort

Looking for a place to throw an Amersfoort children's party? Our escape room is the perfect place to throw a children's party. Amersfoort has all kinds of activities to entertain children, such as museums, the zoo, and the aquarium. Amersfoort also has many restaurants that have children's menus, so you can always find something to eat for everyone.

Amersfoort is a great place to celebrate a child's birthday. There are many different locations that offer something unique and exciting for a child's birthday party Amersfoort.

Escape rooms are ideal as children's parties!

They offer a fun and engaging way to spend time with friends while putting your puzzle-solving skills to the test. Anyone who has ever participated in an escape room experience will agree that they are wonderful activities for both young and old! A variety of activities, a well-crafted story, and various puzzles and roadblocks must be solved by you and your team to find your way out of the building. The Live Escape escape rooms in Amersfoort are a great way to combine physical entertainment, critical thinking, and play all in one.



These groups took up the challenge and managed to escape! Can you do it too?

Keep your eyes and ears open for patterns and clues

Keep in touch with your classmates, friends and family. As you work together, you must be able to determine your answers. You must solve puzzles, find solutions, and crack codes to progress in the game.

You can quickly transform yourself from someone who has just entered an escape room to someone who is willing to overcome any challenge. Only two minutes remain, and you are still unable to find the final explanation. Will you succeed?


Gina Paol
Gina Paol
Great service and super fun and exciting
Lucero Puello
Lucero Puello
Very fun activity to do with your friends !
Hajara Mbareck
Hajara Mbareck
It was a very good experience. A really good activity to do with your family or friends!
Saskia Hulsbergen
Saskia Hulsbergen
The escape room is super fun. We had to puzzle a lot and had fun. Unfortunately, we just didn't make it through. But it was well worth it. Definitely recommended and once to do.
Chichi Point
Chichi Point
We were welcomed super friendly, explanation was short and to the point, you are then escorted to your room and given another short explanation with exciting story before entering. Quest was not too complicated and you were occasionally given a hint when the quest appeared a bit slow 😅 exciting and fun themed story, we would love to come back and will definitely recommend it to area, top!!!
Pat Groothedde
Pat Groothedde
What a cool and exciting escaperoom is The Safe House! Top experience, also due to the good reception.

On our website, booking children's party Amersfoort is easy and quick to do

The best escape rooms can be found all over the Netherlands. Our escape rooms in Amersfoort offer an interactive environment with riddles, puzzles, and other hints that will help you in your escape attempt.

An escape room is more than just a fun time; it has several benefits. Even if friends of your son or daughter don't know each other very well yet, they can strengthen their friendship by trying to escape from an escape room. Without a doubt, participating in an escape room experience together is the best way to get to know each other better. What are you waiting for? Book today!


We also have escape rooms for adults, which may be played under supervision.

Escape is the goal of an escape room!

In addition to escaping, it's obviously important to figure out what's going on: the intriguing story turns an escape room into an engaging experience for you and your friends. Your group will be busy the whole time thanks to the decor, sound effects, props, scenery and lighting that all contribute to the overall story.

Our escape rooms are great for children's parties in Amersfoort and offer entertainment, excitement and thrills. Because a team effort is required to succeed, our escape rooms are so successful at entertaining. Team members can combine their wits, mental resources and brainpower to solve problems faster than if they were working alone.

With a little planning, you can throw an Amersfoort children's party that will be remembered for years to come.

Having a children's party in Amersfoort can be a great way to celebrate your little one's birthday.

An unforgettable Amersfoort children's party is at your fingertips! Amersfoort is known for its many things for kids to do, and LIVE Escape is definitely the best choice. Your child and their friends can explore one of our many interactive rooms, all differently themed with a fun game sequence. Ensure a memorable party by also adding some fun optional extras, such as pizza or a treasure hunt. Our helpful staff is always ready to make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can relax and enjoy the party too. Book now to experience unforgettable day!


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