The most booked escape room of Rotterdam

Will you break out our four crazy escape rooms in Rotterdam and escape in 1 hour…?

Live Escape


Live Escape Rotterdam biedt vier spectaculaire zinnenprikkelende escape rooms, midden in het bruisende centrum van Rotterdam.

Binnenlopen is altijd mogelijk, iedereen is welkom, eventueel alleen voor een kop koffie… maar als je een van de kamers wilt spelen raden we aan om te reserveren!

Het boeken van de escape room “The Safe House”, “LAB 13”, “The Boilerroom” en “Room 1409” bij Live Escape Rotterdam is mogelijk, elk voor groepen van 3 t/m 8 personen!

Onze escape rooms in Rotterdam zijn 7 daqen per week geopend van 10:00 tot 23:15 en  hebben een grote gezellige ontvangstruimte. Dus ook grotere groepen zijn welkom!


Live Escape offers four fantastic escape rooms in the center of Rotterdam. The challenge? Each escape room is a crazy adventure where you have to solve different puzzles as a group. You will have 60 minutes to complete this.

Live Escape room Room 1409 Rotterdam
Room 1409
De laatste jaren nemen de geruchten over kamer 1409 van het Skyhotel in Rotterdam toe. Spookt het echt? Of is hier iets anders aan de hand...?


9 /10



Live Escape - Escape Room
Lab 13
In de jaren 50 werden door de Russen in Lab 13 experimenten gedaan die het daglicht niet konden verdragen...


9 /10



Escape Room Rotterdam The Safe House
The Safe House
Jullie waren ongevraagd getuige van een brute afrekening in de Rotterdamse onderwereld. In The Safe House ben je veilig...Toch?


10 /10



De reviews

Wat zeggen onze klanten over Live Escape

10 /10

Best escaperoom I've done so far!

- Marco
10 /10
How exciting!

Good rooms and nice staff. Recommended!!!

- Jimmy
10 /10

Quite an amazing and thrilling experience that really raises your blood and stress levels. We had the safe house, the storyline is that in anticipation of the trail where you are the most important witnesses, you are temporarily housed in a Safe House in a secret location because that is safe ... right? Overall I and my group had a great time and were nevertheless very pleased with liveliness and difficulty of the whole.

- Tyson
10 /10
Just missed it

Was very fun and exciting, unfortunately just missed it! There are four rooms, so I will definitely be back with a group of friends to try the others.

- Kylian


Contact us if you have more questions

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Will I really be locked up?

Yes, you are really locked in. You and your team must search for clues and solve puzzles to escape again. We'll provide an adrenaline rush in the meantime but guarantee that it won't be dangerous for a moment.

Throughout the hour you will be watched from minute to minute by our staff, if for any reason you would like to stop they can with literally the push of a button make sure all the doors open and all the lights come on.


How many players can participate in Rotterdam ?

All our escape rooms in Rotterdam can be played with 3 to 8 people. We have 4 escape rooms so groups up to 32 people are welcome.


What are the prices of your Escape Rooms in Rotterdam?

On the page of your favorite escape room in Rotterdam you will find a complete overview of the costs. The cost per person gets lower as the group size increases. The easiest way is to just click on reserve book now. This way you can see exactly what the cost will be at your desired time and day.


What time should I be present in Rotterdam ?

We like to see you arrive at least 10 minutes before your game starts so you can be in the escape room for the full hour. In our waiting room you can sit comfortably, watch, talk, do puzzles and have a drink at the bar.

Keep in mind that "being late" goes off of your own time!


Do you have any package deals with dinner?

Definitely! Live Escape Rotterdam is located in the middle of the city center of Rotterdam. Especially for you, we have put together fun packages in which you first play our escape rooms and are then welcomed in a nice restaurant, literally across the street.

Check out our packages for more information!


Where exactly are you located in Rotterdam?

Live Escape is located at Westblaak 13 in Rotterdam. Right in the center, 200 meters from Beurs metro station, but also easy to do by car. You park about 300 meters away in a secured parking garage.

Any more questions? Please feel free to get in contact!


What are Live Escape Rotterdam's operating hours?

At our location in Rotterdam you can play escape rooms 7 days a week between 10.00 and 23.15.


Are the rooms suitable to visit in a wheelchair?

Unfortunately not, we would have preferred it differently but our premises are divided into an entrance on the first floor, a reception area on the second floor and the escape rooms in the basements.

If the wheelchair user can be carried down a staircase, LAB13 is possible, it has been done before. The other games, unfortunately, do not.

NB. Our restrooms are on the second floor.