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Live Escape


Live Escape Amersfoort biedt de drie meest geboekte Escape Rooms van Amersfoort en omstreken. Durf jij het aan denk je?


Onze Escape Rooms in Amersfoort bestaan uit drie fenomenaal ingerichte ruimtes met ieder een eigen thema en wel heel uniek sfeertje. Samen met je collega’s, vrienden of familie moet je binnen 60 minuten uit de ruimte zien te ontsnappen…of anders.

Traditioneel is het einddoel van een Escape Room natuurlijk het ontsnappen uit de kamer door puzzels op te lossen en uiteindelijk het slot van de deur open te maken. Bij Live Escape Amersfoort wilden we verder gaan! We zijn enorme fans van logica, puzzels en spectaculaire effecten en streven ernaar om jullie een onvergetelijk ervaring te bieden. We doen ons best jullie een avontuur te laten beleven buiten de norm, we zorgen voor interactie en dagen je uit om oplossingen te vinden voor realistische vraagstukken binnen het thema van de kamer.

Met ‘Theft at the Morque’, ‘The Wizard School’ en ‘Cabin 666’ bieden wij drie fenomenale escape rooms in Amersfoort. Durf jij ze aan….?


Live Escape offers three phenomenal escape rooms in Amersfoort, each with its own unique theme and puzzles to be solved. Did you know that we are the most booked escape room in Amersfoort and the surrounding area?

Escape room - Theft at the morgue - Amersfoort
Theft at the Morgue
Bezoek het mortuarium van de heer Lodewijk Ever. De heer Ever is ooit begonnen als bloedraper in een ander mortuarium en heeft wat geheimen...


8 /10



Escape room cabin 666 Amersfoort
Cabin 666
In de bergen van Oostenrijk staat een trekkershut waar de afgelopen maanden maar liefst 3 mensen zelfmoord hebben gepleegd.


7 /10



Live Escape room - The Wizard School - Amersfoort
The Wizard School
De leukste escape room van Amersfoort om met het hele gezin of de familie te spelen! Spannend, maar niet TE, en perfect aan te passen op het niveau van de spelers.


8 /10



De reviews

Wat zeggen onze klanten over Live Escape

10 /10
Top location
First of all, it's a top location, it's in the center and easy to get to. The rooms are fun and original. The staff is very nice, but in addition professional. I will definitely come back here again, top experience!
- Silke
9 /10

Original and fun rooms! The three of us escaped from the escape room. Staff was enthusiastic and welcoming. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a fun activity in Amersfoort.

- Willem
8 /10
Highly recommended

We as a group of 12, had booked 2 rooms at the same time. Theft at the Morgue and Cabin 666. We found the rooms challenging and fun to do! Beforehand, you can have a drink in the welcome area at JumpXL.

The explanations were good and when we got out there was also some time to go over the puzzles we couldn't quite figure out.

- Anne
9 /10
Great with the family

The wizard school was top notch to do with the family. A nice combination of difficult puzzles and puzzles that were easy to do. Unfortunately, just barely missed it. Super nice welcoming by the staff. Highly recommended!

- Marleen


Contact Live Escape Amersfoort directly if you have more questions!

Will I really be locked up?

You bet! You are really locked in the escape room. Together with your team, you will search for clues and solve puzzles to escape again within 60 minutes.... We'll provide an adrenaline rush in the meantime but guarantee that it won't be dangerous for a moment.

For the entire hour, you will be watched from minute to minute by the team at Live Escape Amersfoort. If for any reason you would like to stop they can, with literally the push of a button, make sure all the doors open and all the lights come on.


How many players can participate?

All our escape rooms in Amersfoort can be played with 3 to 8 people.


What do these escape rooms cost in Amersfoort

You can book an escape room at Live Escape Amersfoort from 18.00 Euro per person. The exact price depends on the day and time. The easiest way is to just click on reserve book now. This way you can see exactly what the cost will be at your desired time and day.


What time do I need to be at Live Escape Amersfoort?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could be present at our location in Amersfoort 10 minutes before the start of the booked time.

Coming earlier is always welcome! We have a very cozy waiting area where you can also enjoy a snack and a drink. Please feel welcome.

Keep in mind that "being late" goes off of your own time!


What if I have to cancel?

No problem. We can change or cancel your booking without any problem and free of charge, as long as you do so at least 7 days in advance. If you want to cancel less than 7 days in advance we request you to call 085-13 06 317.

The following terms and conditions apply:
The cancellation fee is € 70,= per game, moving the game date to another time within 4 weeks is possible for € 25,=.
In case of "no-show" without prior consultation and written response, the full amount will always be charged!

The number of players can be changed up to the last minute as long as the minimum and maximum numbers per game are met. Exceptions to this are package deals and prepaid bookings.


Where exactly is Live Escape located in Amersfoort?

Live Escape Amersfoort is located at Groningerstraat 176 in Amersfoort. We are easily accessible by public transport and by car.