We have listed the most frequent questions below.

If you cannot find your questions listed below, please feel free to send an e-mail to Info@LiveEscape.nl or call us at 085-13 07 411. We are more than happy to help you with your questions.


Do I really get locked up?

Yes, you will really be locked up. You have to work together with your team in order to find clues and solve puzzles. This is the only way to escape! In the meanwhile, we will take care of your  adrenaline-kick, however guaranteeing you that we will never put you in dangerous positions.

You will be closely monitored by our staff every minute of the hour. If you would like to voluntarily leave the room for any reason whatsoever, our staff will be able to open all the doors and turn on the lights by one push of a button.

Are the rooms scary?


Every now and then, your heart will raise a beat, however our only goal is to give you a fantastic experience. So yes, but it won’t be too scary.

What happens if we do not manage to escape within one hour?

Mmm…hard to say.. or actually not. We will get you out of the room, you really do not have to stay in that room the rest of your life!

Can adults and kids participate together as for instance a family trip?

Absolutely! Some of our games have a recommended minimum age of 16, however kids under 16 can join our rooms only if under supervision of some adults.

Is the escape room suitable as team building?

Extremely suitable! We started Live Escape with the idea to create a team building activity that brings people together. The unusual situation in which you really need each other will stimulate you to embrace the different perspectives your team members have. One of the most important factors in order to successfully escape is the communication between your team members. To encourage this, we have created diverse puzzles that you cannot solve on your own.

I do not want to join a group of strangers, can we have a room for ourselves?

Always. You always reserve the room for your own group/team.

What are the costs?

Monday – Thursday

Friday – Sunday (and National holidays)

Where exactly are you located?

We are located on the Westblaak 13, which is next to the Subway and diagonally opposite to the Cinema Cinerama. If you exit the metro station Beurs, please take the exit “Westblaak” and you can find us 100 meters to your right.

The nearest parking lots are parking lot Lijnbaan and parking lot Westblaak. It is as well possible to park your car in the parking spots in all the surrounding streets, however this will be more expensive compared to the parking lots. Next to that, reserving your parking spot in the parking lots in advance can even make a bigger difference in price.

How can I make a reservation?

The easiest way is via our online reservations forms on the website. Would you like to book a room today, please make a telephone reservation by calling 085-13 07 411. We will be more than happy to book the room for you!

What time should we be there in advance?

You are more than welcome to wait in our cozy reception room. You can gaze through the windows and enjoy our beautiful view on the Westblaak, , stimulate your brain by the puzzles on the tables, order drinks at the bar or even create a strategy with your fellow team members in advance! We would like to welcome you at least 10 min in advance, in order to do explain and introduce you to the room. This way, you will be able to enjoy your full 60 min in the room.

Please keep in mind that coming late will be deducted from your time!

What if I reserve, however due to circumstances have to cancel?

No problem. We can change or cancel your reservation without any problem, as long as you do it 7 days in advance.

If you would like to cancel your reservation less than 7 days in advance, please call 085-13 07 411. The following conditions apply: The cancellation fee is € 70,= per game, moving the date of play to another time within 4 weeks can be done for € 25,=. At “no-show” without prior consultation and written response, the full amount will always be charged! The number of players can be changed until the last moment as long as the minimum and maximum numbers per game are shown. Exceptions to this are arrangements and prepaid bookings.

How can I pay?

We have a small preference for payments by card, however paying by cash is possible as well. Companies can receive a VAT invoice on the company’s name, the payment terms will be in consultation.

Can I give the Escape Room experience as a present?

Of course! We will be more than willing to contribute to creating an unforgettable present for you friends and family. A birthday, bachelor party or just a surprise without any special reason, you name it and we will help you! To make it exciting, your friend will receive a mysterious letter as a special way to inform him/her about the date and the location of the adventure. Please state your wishes in the comment section when booking your reservation.

Do you have tips for beginners?

Definitely! Work together and communicate well, never stop moving, exploring and thinking. And oh.. have fun!!

Are there things that we cannot bring to the room?

Phones, lighters, camera’s and watches (anything that can display the time) are not allowed in the room. Moreover, it is obligated to store these items in our free lockers located in the waiting room. Other items can be stored there as well, however it is not mandatory.